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B’nai B’rith acompañó a la Décimo Quinta Compañía Bomba Israel en sus 50 años

En una emotiva ceremonia realizada la noche del 30 de mayo recién pasado, B’nai B’rith tuvo el honor de acompañar a la Décimo Quinta Compañía Bomba Israel en la celebración de los 50 años desde su fundación. Read more » »

How ‘Some Like it Hot’ got to Broadway — and lost a very Jewish song in the process

At first, Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman weren’t so hot on the idea of adapting Some Like it Hot into a musical. “The movie ended up being a double-edged sword,” Shaiman, the composer and co-lyricist, said over Zoom. Read more » »

Why does Joe Biden’s antisemitism strategy barely mention Israel?

If you don’t like our principles, we have others. And remember, it’s not antisemitism so long as it’s anti-Zionism.These are the messages of the Biden administration’s long-delayed National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism, which came out last Thursday afternoon. It is full of good intentions, but they are one-eyed and partisan. Read more » »

Living Yiddish in New York – B’nai B’rith International

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107 Groups Threaten to Boycott Anthropological Association Over BDS Pro-Resolution

More than 100 education, civil rights, and religious groups on Tuesday urged more than 250 university leaders to publicly condemn a resolution the American Anthropological Association is about to embrace “to boycott Israeli academic institutions. Read more » »

B’nai Brith soumet une recommandation au comité de la Chambre des communes pour soulager la crise du logement au Canada

CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH Société canadienne d’hypothèques et de logement Le 30 mai 2023 Ottawa – La semaine dernière, B’nai Brith Canada a présenté un mémoire au Comité permanent des ressources humaines, du développement des compétences, du Read more » »

B’nai Brith Submits Recommendation to House of Commons Committee to Relieve Canada’s Housing Crisis

Cliquez ici pour le français Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation May 30, 2023 OTTAWA – Last week, B’nai Brith Canada provided a written submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and Read more » »

Centro Lyon «reabrimos nuestras puertas»

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‘Irreversible Impact’: Over 100 organizations urge universities to reject academic association BDS resolution

An overwhelming majority of Middle East scholars support boycotting Israel, according to a survey. By Dion J. Read more » »

Israeli murdered in West Bank shooting, IDF on terrorist manhunt

Security forces are currently on a manhunt to catch the terrorist perpetrators near the northern West Bank settlement of Hermesh. Read more » »