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The Monumental Importance of Yom Hazikaron

The Western Wall and Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. JNS.org – This year, more than most, Jews internationally need to commemorate Yom Hazikaron. Israel’s Day of Remembrance was created more than 70 years ago with a unique purpose — to honor soldiers and civilian fighters killed during the efforts to establish its nationhood. Read more » »

Remembering France’s Minister of Justice Who Was Shaped by Holocaust Past

Robert Badinter was a French lawyer, politician, and author who enacted the abolition of the death penalty in France in 1981, while serving as Minister of Justice under François Mitterrand. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Until 1981, the guillotine continued to be used as the means of implementing death sentences in France. Read more » »

A Century of Lived History

As anyone who has been in her presence knows, Janice Rothschild Blumberg’s stories have an “in the room where it happened” quality. This chronicler of Atlanta and Southern Jewish history is marking the centennial of an extraordinary life that provided her with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of material. Read more » »

The Cauldron of Horrors Is Both Real and Unreal

A Hanukkiyah, a candlestick used during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, stands on the remains of a burnt windowsill, following a deadly infiltration by Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip, in Kibbutz Be’eri in southern Israel, Oct. 17, 2023. Photo: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun JNS. Read more » »

American Jews and BLM: Antisemitism Must Sharpen Focus on Jewish Alliances

A poster from a protest in London linking Black Lives Matter movement to the situation facing the Palestinians. Photo: Apartheid Off Campus via Facebook. Speaking in somber, contemplative tones, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently delivered a 40-minute floor speech on the current rise of antisemitism in the United States. Read more » »

Middle East War Reporting: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Illustrative: Thousands of anti-Israel demonstrators from the Midwest gather in support of Palestinians and hold a rally and march through the Loop in Chicago on Oct. 21, 2023. Photo: Alexandra Buxbaum/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect Since Hamas’s unprecedented onslaught in Israel on Oct. Read more » »

A single act of altruism makes you feel good

Why do we give back to community? Why should we? Many theories have been expounded, both social and neurological. One theory that is gaining greater acceptance, is based upon brain chemistry. It provides scientific corroboration for what is colloquially known as “the helper’s high”. Read more » »

How the Jewish Population of Bulgaria Was Saved From the Nazis

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Photo: Pexels. Eighty years ago this month, courageous voices in Axis-allied Bulgaria accomplished the near-impossible: the nullification of orders to deport its 48,000 Jews to certain death in concentration camps in Nazi-occupied Europe. Read more » »

The History of Apartheid Proves Israel is not an Apartheid State

An ‘apartheid wall’ erected by Students for Justice in Palestine at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. Photo: SJP at UIUC. JNS. Read more » »

What is the agenda for the Eastern Mediterranean? | eKathimerini.com

An oil platform in Israel’s offshore Leviathan gas field is seen from on board the Israeli Navy Ship Atzmaut, in the Mediterranean Sea, September 2021. [AP] In recent years, Cyprus, Greece and Israel have significantly intensified their political, energy and military relations. Read more » »