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B’nai B’rith Hosts Survivors of Hamas Rampage on Latin America Tour – B’nai B’rith International

B’nai B’rith hosted Marcelo and Diana Wasser, survivors of the Hamas murder, rape and kidnapping rampage in southern Israel on Oct. 7, in Costa Rica and Panama for a series of speaking engagements and meetings, including with lawmakers, journalists, students and members of the Jewish community. Read more » »

B’nai B’rith Marches In Solidarity With Israel; Joins Hundreds of Thousands on Mall at March for Israel – B’nai B’rith International

B’nai B’rith marched in solidarity with Israel today at the March for Israel rally on the National Mall. The march united communities nationwide in support of Israel and its people to urge the swift release of the 240 hostages held by Hamas and combat increasing anti-Semitism. Read more » »

CEO Opinion: Europe abandons the Jews again (JNS) – B’nai B’rith International

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B’nai B’rith Latin America Commemorates Anniversary of Nazi Pogroms with Strong Words Against Hamas – B’nai B’rith International

B’nai B’rith commemorated the 85th anniversary of the horrific riots that unfolded during the 1938 November pogroms, also known as Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, in public events throughout Latin America, attended by dignitaries, Jewish community members and special guests. During two dark nights on Nov. Read more » »

Opinion: 85 years after the Nazi November Pogroms (EU Observer) – B’nai B’rith International

In commemoration of the 85th anniversary of the November Pogroms, our Director of EU Affairs Alina Bricman reflects in an EU Observer op-ed on soaring anti-Semitism following the October 7 massacre by Hamas and the toll it’s taken on Jewish communities thus far. Read in the EU Observer. Read more » »

Israel-Hamas War: Updates from Israeli Senior Advisor, Ambassador Mark Regev – B’nai B’rith International

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Opinion: Broken by Greta Thunberg (DC Journal, InsideSources) – B’nai B’rith International

Inside Sources published an op-ed by B’nai B’rith International Director of U.N. and Intercommunal Affairs David Michaels about Greta Thunberg’s disappointing, one-sided activism that fails to even mention Israel or Jewish people, or acknowledge rising anti-Semitism. Read on Inside Sources. Read more » »

B’nai B’rith Condemns Positions of Chile, Colombia and Bolivia Regarding Israel and Criticized the Statement by the Argentine Foreign Ministry – B’nai B’rith International

Iton Gadol and AJN covered B’nai B’rith International’s condemnation of the Chilean, Colombian and Bolivian governments regarding Israel, and our criticism of the Argentine Foreign Ministry’s statement calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Read in Iton Gadol and AJN (both in Spanish). Read more » »

B’nai B’rith Deplores Resolution Adopted By U.N. “Emergency Session” On Israel; Fails To Mention Hamas, Iran Or Israeli Hostages – B’nai B’rith International

Rewards Hamas atrocities with call for “ceasefire” before perpetrators have been neutralized and before hostages freed B’nai B’rith President Seth J. Riklin and CEO Daniel S. Read more » »

B’nai B’rith Condemns U.N. Secretary-General Remarks – B’nai B’rith International

B’nai B’rith President Seth J. Riklin and CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin have issued the following statement: We strongly condemn U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres for his remarks that recycle a false rationale for the savage Hamas attacks against Israel launched on Oct. 7. Read more » »