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Hungarian government campaign renews antisemitism concerns

A newly announced billboard campaign is raising concerns that the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, is once again using antisemitic tropes to further his political goals at home. Read more » »

Why Hamas’s murderous attack on Israel was predictable | Letter

Seán Boyle says that the Hamas attacks of 7 October, while never justified, were “predictable”, given that “oppressed and dispossessed people will vent their resentment and fury, often in brutal and savage ways” (Letters, 17 October). The murderous violence was indeed predictable, but not for the reasons cited by Mr Boyle. Read more » »

Antisemitism and Israel’s right to exist

The 122 Palestinian and Arab intellectuals (Letters, 29 November) have taken it upon themselves to define antisemitism and the struggle for Jewish rights. This is a mistaken approach which also fails to understand the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Read more » »